A Grand Pause: A Novel On May 14, 1945, The Uss Randolph, Kamikazes, And The Greatest Air-Sea Rescue

By Gary Santos
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About the Book

Based on an incredible true story that took place in the midst of World War II, on May 14, 1945, A Grand Pause follows two American airmen, Ensign John Morris and his gunner Cletis Phegley, after they are stranded on a raft in the middle of the Japanese islands, surrounded by a cutthroat enemy. What follows is a daring rescue mission by the Randolph and her war-weary crew, as they struggle against enemies both physical and psychological to bring their brethren home safely. A story almost lost to time comes alive in this book about honor, duty, and the toll of war on human life.

About the Author

Gary Santos has worked in aviation for over thirty years. A lifelong New Yorker, he currently resides on the South Shore of Long Island. He has extensively studied the history of the ship his father, Eugene Santos, was stationed on during WWII, the USS Randolph, and collects WWII memorabilia.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 314