A Girl At A Time With A Little Rhyme

By Robin Bassey
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That way now, this way soon. Isnt life just full of conflicting complications? So Mustapha Saeed, in A Girl at a Time with a Little Rhyme, would seem to agree. This collection of poems, some just so brief as to remind one of haikus, contrasts love and betrayal, mirror images, the fangs of coming short while making comparisons, and other such turmoil in life.

About the Author

Robin Bassey currently studies law in a university, though he admits it is not what hed prefer to be doing, as a gift for the arts and literature is constantly nagging at him. He writes of many thingssong, poetry, scripts, and stories of all sorts. He also acts and sings. He designs as well. He hopes that one day he would be able to live his life in the world as he envisions it, as he says, Live my life as me.

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Published: 2013
Page Count: 52