A Gift From God

By Rosie Cherry
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Like a ray of light through the clouds, Rosie Cherry shares with readers her love of the Lord and His everlasting glory in A Gift from God. Through lyrical prose and spiritually charged poetry, Cherry paints a vivid picture of the Lord as the centerpiece of her life. The peace, love, and grounding He shares with her are available to anyone who believes in His Word.

Whether Cherry is standing up against the false temptations of Satan or allowing herself to bask in the will of the Lord, A Gift from God personifies the mission of one woman to call forth His Word and encourage others to find His holy path. Rosie Cherry welcomes all who seek safety and comfort into the loving arms of Jesus, which she knows is welcome to all.

Through the beauty of the words in A Gift from God, readers are offered a glimpse at the divine and a certain path to gain admittance to the hallowed ground of His home--and our home, too.

About the Author

Rosie Cherry is a native of Tift County, Georgia. She is married to Calvin R. Cherry, has two children, Vinyetta, Yutovia (deceased), and she has five grandchildren, Yucorian, JyAmier, Jaydan, Jakembre and Louis. She enjoys writing, reading, and going to church.

When asked why she decided to write this book, Rosie said, After the loss of my eldest daughter at the age of twenty-two, many people encouraged me and helped me through it. I feel now I can give an encouraging word to someone else, knowing God can and will help them if they just believe.

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Published: 2010
Page Count: 60