A Fox's Choice

By Marc McGowan
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A Foxs Choice

Taken to oblivion before his time, Jon Fox has a burning desire for revenge against those who took his life. When he is granted a short period to fulfill this wish, he finds himself back on earth, faced with A Foxs Choiceis he really the best one to pass judgment on those involved with his untimely death, or is there a power greater than him who is trying to teach the adage, Judgment is mine?

As he eagerly starts his rampage and begins to understand just what happened and why, he finds his anger and desire for vengeance ebbing until the final, fateful encounter with his nemesisit is his choice: will he complete his destiny, or will he decide on a different path?

With heart-pounding suspense and a subtle message penetrating through the gory details, Marcus McGowan has penned a powerful short story about lifes twisted turns and mans reaction to choice.

About the Author

A youth counselor for Kane County Court Services in his native Aurora, Illinois, Marcus McGowan has obtained a bachelor of arts in both Sociology and Criminal Justice and has a masters of social work degree. In his spare time he enjoys martial arts and model racing.

Published: 2010
Page Count: 50