A Fly On The Wall

By Nanolla Yazdani
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This humorous novel carries the reader along while the fly navigates between buildings and behind closed doors. Ever in danger of being stricken by deadly blows of hands or fly swatters, the fly is driven to achieve higher understanding of this most unusual breed of characters. The genius of this story is the profound insights into the human condition which are stated in beautiful simplicity. What we would learn about our species, if only we could be a fly on the wall! -- Hollis G. Boren, M.D. Away from the intense happenings of the group, Nanolla Yazdanis A Fly on the Wall observes humans from afar. The fly is trying to understand human interaction; in understanding this, he feels he is one step closer to linking humans to his hidden world. A young seductress named Cynthia, an older woman named Ms. Turner, the chef, a gym instructor named Daniel, the army major named Joe, and the ex-convict turned minister Reverend Disciple, round out the group. Through their togetherness the fly learns. He observes them with others, but is most intrigued by the way they act alone. Will the fly become the master fly? What will happen to the group? What will the fly do with his newfound knowledge of human interaction? Find out all this and more within Nanolla Yazdanis humorous novel A Fly on the Wall.

About the Author

Prompted by his experiences as a psychologist in correction settings, Dr. Nanolla Yazdani wrote his first published book, A Fly on the Wall. Currently working as the director of a youth correctional institution, Dr. Yazdani enjoys studying religion, politics, and philosophy, as well as drawing and spending time with his family. Dr. Yazdanis writing blends keen observation and humor. As he interweaves his ideas into his story, he makes the reader think, laugh, and rethink.

Published: 2002
Page Count: 100