A Few Good Memories

By Soumen N. Ghosh
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About the Book/Author

Soumen N. Ghosh is a professor of Economics and has been practicing the craft over thirty four years. Dr. Ghosh traveled extensively and has published numerous peer-reviewed articles and presented his research findings in international conferences all over the world. He is a product of Calcutta University and the Indian Statistical Institute. In his twenties he left India, first with a job at the United Nations with his newly-wed wife and then joined the Ph.D. program in Economics at a friendly place yet severe cold weather in Logan Utah (Utah State University). In his spare time he likes to listen to music (both Indian and Western Classical) and write stories, both fiction and non-fiction.

A Few Good Memories is a collection of short stories, mostly non-fiction that reflect his and his family’s journey through time which are treasured jewels in his mind’s eyes. The first three stories have a common thread: relation between a father and his son(s). All the events are real and at times only embellished a little to portray a different side of Dr. Ghosh.

The book is solely dedicated to his parents and to his two sons and wife. This book could not have been completed without unflinching support from his wife, Dr. Sumita-Chakraborti-Ghosh.

Published: 2005
Page Count: 32