A Father Losing His Daughter To Addiction

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Anthony M. Varone

This story recounts the painful struggles of a daughter’s addiction, told through her father’s eyes. It takes the reader on a journey in living and dealing with her addiction. This is a story similar to many addicts. A Father Losing His Daughter to Addiction will hopefully not only help those struggling with addiction but also help to educate family members, and give them hope and ways to cope during the struggle. The author hopes the reader “can really see the pain [his] daughter lived with as well as any addict, and how this disease destroys lives and families.”

About the Author

Anthony M. Varone explains, “My daughter meant everything to me and was my life. I loved taking care of her the day she was born. Life today is very difficult for me without her. I always loved being active and riding my bike or playing golf as well as working out but today that is hard to enjoy because of how lost I find myself. I’m searching for my way back from her death. By going to meetings with my daughter (when she was alive) and my meetings of Nar-non, it has opened my mind to see both sides that exist for the addict and their family. It has educated me about her life as well as my life.”

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 136