A Fairy Tale Tragedy

By Takira Michelle Taylor
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About the Book

A Fairy Tale Tragedy is the story of a female growing up with no knowledge of how cruel men can be. This female witnesses the crucial activities firsthand.

This book has drama, sex, action, and mystery. It is unpredictable and leaves you with a lot of questions, hoping that there will be another one coming. The message of the story is that you have to go through hard times, heartbreaks, sadness, and pain to actually get to your happiness.

About the Author

Takira Michelle Taylor is a bright young woman whom have faced many traumatic events at an early age. Because of those events brought out an amazing story to tell. Because of this story she is able to let go some of the hurt and pain that she held within. Takira Michelle Taylor is a loving and kind person whom is always there for her friends and family when they need her. This book was written from a dark age of her life. Takira Michelle Taylor is hardworking and very determined. Anything she set her mind to accomplish she will do it. Takira Michelle Taylor has a good heart and sees the good in who people is able to become. Thank you for choosing this book.

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Published: 2022
Page Count: 50