A Dog's Nose Knows

By Dr. Tom Fullerton
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Ten-year-old Paul doesn’t wish for much, just to be able to run fast and be accepted at school as an equal. Always picked last for outside games, Paul is sad and hopeless. After saying his prayers one night, he adds a special request: to be as fast as his dog, Rusty.

The next morning, something strange happens. Paul realizes he has switched places with Rusty! Now in a dog’s body, he can run faster than he ever imagined. And his beloved Rusty has now taken his place as a young boy!

 How could this have possibly happened, and how can it be fixed? A Dog’s Nose Knows is a wonderful tale about the unbreakable bond between a boy and his dog.

About the Author

Dr. Tom Fullerton grew up as the fourth son in the small town of Huron, South Dakota. His closest buddy was a yellow Labrador, and she was an awesome dog. Tom went off to college, then medical school, and ultimately surgery residency in Des Moines, Iowa. Tom and his wife have lived in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, now for the last twenty-five years and have two boys, Connor and Riley. After practicing and teaching general surgery for twenty-five years, he is now in the last five years of his practice. Tom enjoys pheasant hunting, walleye fishing, and classical piano, and he also teaches archery.

Published: 2019
Page Count: 30