A Dog's Day

By Morgan Louvier
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Holly is part Labrador, part border collie, and she lives on the streets. Life as a stray dog does not bother her much, and in fact, she loves the adventures and excitement it provides, even if food is a bit hard to find.

Among the families in the neighborhood, Holly particularly likes the Dixons, since they usually give her lots of food. One day Holly is searching for something to eat when she sees the Dixons house is on fire. Holly hurriedly gets into the house and rescues the two children and cat trapped inside. Then she is given a very special award for her heroic deed.

About the Author

Morgan is currently a sophomore in high school. She lives in Mesa, Arizona. Morgan is a member of her school's marching band, and a past member of her school's Service Builders Club, Cricket club, and Hiking Club. She is also in a leadership program through band.

Morgan is an avid reader and trapeze artist. She enjoys horseback riding, hiking and other outdoor activities. She plays flute in her school's band program, and piano in her spare time.

(2010, saddle wire, 24 pages)

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