A Devil's Gambit

By Adrian Snow
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About the Book

A Devil’s Gambit is an Isekai adventure through the eyes of a man reincarnated by the goddess Vex to be her devilish force on a fantastical world. We follow Lucifer, the man’s new chosen name, as he progresses further into evil, his human condition leading to his self-annihilation. Written in the style of Game Lit with elements of castle building, we journey along Lucifer’s path of destruction as his memories of his deceased wife fade and are replaced with the desire to save humanity from itself through blood, vengeance, and domination.

About the Author

Adrian Snow is a veteran who currently resides in the middle of nowhere, as far from humanity as he can possibly get. He enjoys reading, anime, and pursuits of knowledge. He claims history as his vice and music as his muse. Snow hopes to fill the world with good stories and write successful poetry. The Devil’s Gambit is his fourth book and first novel.

Published: 2021
Page Count: 196