A Deadly Obsession

By P. Rosser
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A Deadly Obsession is about a young woman hiding from her abusive husband. She has been in hiding successfully for a couple years because she stays in the shadows. She lives a very careful and boring life, making sure not to cause any attention to herself.

Until him....

She is at her best friend’s art exhibit when she meets a man who opens her eyes to what she didn't know she had been missing over the last couple years. The intense feelings that arise from one look from the handsome stranger do something to her soul that makes her want to break from her shell. She ends up leaving the event with only his name and no intentions of seeing him again. 

She continues on with her life as is and starts a new job, later finding out that the stranger is in fact the CEO of the company. This sexy thriller highlights a lot of push-and-pull as she fights her heart to try and stay away from this man so he is not pulled into the mess of her life.

Enjoy A Deadly Obsession, fall in love with the characters, and find yourself guessing all the way to the end in this tale filled with twists and turns.

About the Author

P. Rosser is a mother of two small boys and works a full time corporate job. In her spare time, she enjoys writing the stories that play in her head down on paper. She got the crazy idea one day to try and turn one into a book and here she is, hoping to share her creativity with others.

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Published: 2022
Page Count: 280