A Day

By Bee Snow
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What about autism, ADHD, ODD and all the rest? What does it mean? Why now?

This book turns autism inside out and examines the subject under the microscope of personal experience. Ever wonder what it’s like to be different? Not to fit in? To wonder at the world around you while trying to understand it? Do you try to conform to society’s norms? To fit in? Or do you embrace your differences and accept yourself just the way you are?

A Day is an examination of the autism experience from within the autism world. It’s a philosophical, and perhaps whimsical, examination of the subject, not so much in prose, but as an artistic illustration in the graphic novel genre. Can you follow it? Do you want to see the world in an entirely different way? Can you imagine what the world looks like from an autistic point of view? How did we get here, and where are we going next? The answers may surprise you.

About the Author

Bee Snow’s artistic ability was first noticed by her parents when she was drawing recognizable figures in an artsy way at two years of age. When she was evaluated for entry into kindergarten, private school officials mistook her advanced artistic ability for academic readiness, resulting in her placement in first grade, rather than kindergarten. The formal classroom environment and academics proved to be difficult for her, and when she told her parents she wasn’t looking forward to second grade because first grade had been so hard, her mother, a former public-school teacher, decided to homeschool her. She was homeschooled through sixth grade, then attended public school through graduation from high school. She always felt herself to be an outsider in a high school of 3,000 students, and never felt she fit in. But she won more local, state, and national art competitions in high school than any other student in school history. She won the “senior” art award in both her junior and senior year of high school.

Snow graduated from Indiana State University with honors, majoring in fine art with an emphasis in drawing. Her work was chosen for special honor in a senior art display on campus, where her drawings, paintings, sculptures, pottery, woodwork, and multimedia pieces were recognized. One professor remarked of her achievement in various media, “Is there anything you can’t do?” Snow is married, the mother of four teenagers, and teaches art in a private school. She lives on a farm in rural Indiana.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 476