A Dark Sparkle

By Salisha George
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She was taken away from her family and held captive for eight years by a Kingpin. She came to love him. She was torn from a past lover who fought his way to the top of his empire to get her back. She was betrayed by her long-lost brother – but now she needs him.

When a tremendous amount of power is gained, the only thing left to do is learn the game, know what’s at stake, and trust no one. Embrace a story of one woman’s pain, abandonment, and bravery. This is Sparkle.

About the Author

Salisha George is a mother of two adorable boys who give her the motivation to live her dreams each day. She was born in Trinidad and spent her childhood on a small island called Grenada, where her family is from. She came to the U.S. at a young age and grew up in Brooklyn, New York.

Salisha obtained an associate’s degree in social science and a bachelor’s in human services. As a first-time writer, she hopes to fulfill her readers’ emotions and create images in their minds that can be visualized. This is only the beginning of her writing journey.

Published: 2019
Page Count: 180

Customer Reviews

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Nakia Tabron
A must read if you love Urban Fiction

A Dark sparkle was captivating from beginning to end. I loved how the author captured the emotions of each character. The story line and plot twists have me eagerly awaiting for part 2!

Ashley Betz

I have the honor of personally knowing this talented Author. A Dark Sparkle I highly recommend. I felt each emotion and it was if I knew these characters. I can relate to the emotions to a certain degree from my own life. This is a conversation book. One that shines light on real life family issues that aren't necessarily spoke about. There are so many Sparkles in this world that are screaming out for help. Ones that walk a fine line of what if I do what is correct? What will my consequences be on both ends. Eagerly waiting for a sequel to come out. #Firsttimeauthorsmatter