A Crisis In Leadership: I Still Believe

By Dr. Clayton M. Wilcox
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A Crisis in Leadership: I Still Believe was written not just to chronicle the author’s, Dr. Clayton M. Wilcox’s, personal leadership story, but to share lessons learned over Wilcox’s forty years serving in both the public and private sectors. This book’s goal is to help new and veteran leaders navigate the challenges of leading in the twenty-first century by creating change and altering course in our new reality.

A Crisis in Leadership considers the new world and how leaders must navigate, why you should still believe in the power of leadership, and offers practical tips and insights into leadership strategies supported by research and successful leaders.

About the Author

Dr. Wilcox began his career as a teacher in Illinois in 1979. He moved to Waterloo, Iowa, where he taught in elementary and middle schools before beginning a series of leadership positions in human resources, as a middle school assistant principal, and as an elementary principal.

In 1994, he joined St. Johns County School District in Florida as director for personnel services, subsequently becoming executive director for human resources and staff development. Since then, he has served as superintendent for school districts in East Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Pinellas County, Florida, Washington County Public Schools in Maryland, and in Charlotte, North Carolina. He has also worked as a vice president and senior vice president for education and corporate relations at one of the nation’s premier publishing houses.

Dr. Wilcox is a gifted and sought after public speaker. He has keynoted local, state, regional and national events, treating audiences with a compelling message delivered with passion, humor and a sense of joy. He has couched and mentored hundreds of teachers, principals, sales team members, and C-Suite and central office leaders over his forty years in public education and the private sector.

Dr. Wilcox is married with two grown children. He and his wife Julie live in Charlotte.

Published: 2020
Page Count: 172

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Alex Ocasio
Great Read

The book is filled with personal insights and opportunities for growth. If you are currently leading or aspiring to a leadership role, I highly recommend this quick but thoughtful read.