A Conversation

By C.J. Turner
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A Conversation by C. J. Turner is about a young lady, Jaé, who had several conversations with an older lady, Rosie Anne Taylor. Taylor had been ill most of her life and still suffers from respiratory problems. She was sexually assaulted at an early age, received no professional help, and attempted suicide. Regardless, she trusted in God to deliver her from every situation in which she found herself.

Turner hopes this book gives young ladies courage to depend upon God and themselves, and not to blame themselves for criminal acts committed against them. Do not allow men to abuse you. Learn how to deal with grief, whether it is a death or the loss of a friendship, both are grief. Learn how to grow more in grace and have faith in God. Turner hopes people become stronger after reading this book and believes they too can handle anything that comes their way, whether good or bad.

About the Author

Author C.J. Turner is active in the Baptist Church. She serves on the Senior Usher Board and sings in the Mass Choir and is a licensed Missionary. Turner visits the sick and shut-in members of her church as well as other churches and visits various nursing homes. Her hobbies are baking and reading the Bible. A Conversation is an accurate description of the life of Rosie Anne Taylor.

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Published: 2024
Page Count: 394