A Companion Reader For Multicultural And Diverse Education Courses

By Dr. Wm. Patric Leedom
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How does an educator—teacher, professor, administrator in their courses—provide a positive learning environment where every student strives to attend because they receive exciting and worthwhile experiences; they feel welcomed, safe, and respected; each student feels a positive connection between themselves and the educator, who has their best interests in mind?

Dr. Wm. Patric Leedom, professor of teacher education for twenty-five years, was teaching a course in the School of Education, University of Cincinnati, Teaching and Learning in a Diverse Classroom. The required readings were based upon forty-plus book chapters and journal articles that provided comprehensive information on how to welcome and support a variety of pre-K-12 students. Taking these lessons learned, each teacher-candidate then chose four or five of the topics and utilizing elucidation and exposition developed their individual essays. Thirteen students wrote outstanding papers, and their work as well as the literature behind it are provided in this companion reader to aid in imparting crucial knowledge and skillsets to the next generation of teachers.

About the Author

Dr. Wm. Patric Leedom has been exposed to multicultural social situations since moving to California at fourteen with his father, who introduced him to a very important integrated church youth group. Ever since, he has been involved with and focused upon making the world a better place for all humans. As an adult, he became an educator with a master’s in Montessori philosophy and practices and holds a doctorate in curriculum and instruction. He has been a founding staff member of both a private and public Montessori school, both strongly supporting multicultural education environments. As a professor he has strived to teach courses towards multicultural goals. His lifelong goal has been for everyone to have the opportunity to develop and utilize the potentials they are born with.

Published: 2021
Page Count: 256