A Child Is Born

By Michelle Webb
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TRUTHS UPHELD THROUGHOUT THE AGES, AWAITING YOUR DISCOVERY OF THEM... A Child Is Born is the first part of a trilogy which explores the age-old search for, and discovery of, purpose and meaning for our lives -both personally, and as a society... a civilization... It first originated from a collection of songs that the author had written over a 16-year period of time. Desiring to share both the songs and their meanings, a musical was written. Unable to complete the musical within a preferred time frame, it was transformed into a novel. Due to the nature, complexity, and volume of the information that was to be communicated, it was thought best to divide the novel into three separate parts. Elle West is the main character throughout this novel. Her experiences, and all of the characters she creates while writing various creative works, provides the latitude necessary to address a wide range of topics. The overall theme of this novel is purpose - the underlying theme is love.

About the Author

A native of California, Michelle Webb and her husband are raising their two teenaged children. In her spare time she enjoys song writing, traveling to new places, visiting historical landmarks, and hiking.

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Published: 2003
Page Count: 108