A Change Of Heart

By M.M. Angelo
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About the Book/Author

Cecil R. Durden, a North Carolina entrepreneur contacted M.M. Angelo to share a deeply emotional and recurring dream he had for years. The plot revealed itself on a cold, rainy Valentine’s Day weekend in 2018. His hope is to share it with our racially tense nation in the anticipation of helping others in similar situations, thus, the author created “A Change of Heart”.

This literary narrative takes place in a sleepy little North Carolina town set back in the 80’s. This sobering journey reveals a life-altering tribulation between a black family and a white family, unbeknownst to one another as the go about their modest, daily lives. Each of which have unpretentiously raised their one-and-only loving sons. The middle-aged father figures are extraordinarily steeped in unabated prejudicim, from our American post-segregation era, however, the other family members do not hold the same credence.

With an immense amount of conflict, illness and tragedy, yet from a series of profound and sobering unfortunate events, the patriarchs are inadvertently trusted to rise up out of their divergent state.

But do they?

Published: 2020
Page Count: 162