A Brain That Couldn't Be Broken

By His Grace Through Traumatic Brain Trauma
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After waking up from a coma, Sam found that his life had changed forever. During a car accident, he had suffered brain trauma and would have to go through years of rehabilitation, separation from his family, and the uncertainty that came with not truly understanding the extent his injury. Yet through it all, he remained positive and faithful, trusting in God to give him strength and bring him to a better place.

About the Author

The author is an avid golfer. He developed a love for the game while at Tangram Rehabilitation Network in San Marcos, Texas, and has had the opportunity to meet professional golfers such as Lee Trevino and Chi Chi Rodriguez. He now resides in New Hope, Pennsylvania, where he’s turned his passion for the sport into a career at a local golf course. To this day, he continues to let positive thoughts and his faith in God guide him.

Published: 2018
Page Count: 42