A Box Of Fortune Cookies

By Carmen Glatt
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Its the end of summer, and for incoming sixth grader Nathan, his life couldnt be more pathetic than it already is. For one thing, the name of his new teacher, Mrs. Swindle, sounds ominous enough; then theres the fact that he would be sitting close to the official school bully while his two closest friends are going to be in the other class. To top it all, he would be consigned to wearing those despicable clothes from the thrift storeagain.

It is not like Nathan doesnt understand how most families in their communityincluding his ownare suffering from the economic downturn. Its just the harsh realities of his young life are getting into him and he couldnt do anything about it. Well, it appears to be so, until a strange man gives Nathan a box of fortune cookies one day. When Nathan discovers that the fortune cookies are way more than what they seem, he realizes, ironically, that the opposite side of the fence could also be a daunting proposition in life.

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Published: 2013
Page Count: 92