A Book Of Prayers: Volume I

By Kathleen E. Rogers
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About the Book

A Book of Prayers is a collection of heartfelt requests for a merciful God to intervene in the lives and affairs of our times. These prayers span the Christian life, from the personal needs of the individual to the international needs of the world. Some are more timely in nature, while others cover areas that are in perpetual need. These prayers were inspired by verses from the Bible, either directly or in paraphrase, but they all have one unifying theme: our God loves us, longs for us to return His love, and longs for us to love others as He would. Kathleen Rogers has been writing prayers for several years, and although God does not move in response to a formula, He does respond to our hearts desires. Her prayer is that these prayers, perhaps prayed by individuals, groups or entire congregations, might even move mountains.

About the Author

Kathleen Rogers also enjoys writing Christian songs, books, and movies, and has participated in several worship and womens ministry teams. She obtained her Bachelor of Arts degree in English Literature from California State Polytechnic University in Pomona, California, and is currently involved in the advertising and entertainment industry. Ms. Rogers has also written the movie script Letters, which is currently registered with the Writers Guild of America and the Library of Congress.

Published: 2007
Page Count: 114