A Book Of Many “Mini” Stories

By Sue Bracewell
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A Book of Many “Mini” Stories is a conglomeration of short stories about true life experiences and inspirational messages, metaphorically scripted in poetry. It is intended to uplift, inspire, and perhaps motivate others to use their gifts.
It is author Sue Bracewell’s hope that those to whom this book is dedicated, along with all who read these short stories, are inspired to create and to express themselves without reservation.

About the Author

Sue Bracewell is currently retired, alongside her high school sweetheart-husband of 47 years. They reside in a small community in Huntsville, Texas, on a private lake bordering the National Forest. Many of her stories are inspired by her peaceful surroundings and her relationship with nature, but most of all by her children and grandchildren. Aside from writing, she enjoys gardening, swimming, playing the guitar with the family band, oil painting, and creating something out of nothing. She believes that everyone is born with a gift.

“You must cultivate the seeds and nourish them with patience/confidence/dedication, striving to be your best. But most of all, strive to be content and grateful even when Your Best isn’t necessarily The Best.”

Published: 2021
Page Count: 60