65 Years A Blue-Collar Rifle Shooter

By Robert Francis Brigode
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After the past sixty-five years as a blue-collar rifle shooter, Robert Francis Brigode has learned a few things about precision shooting. 65 Years a Blue-Collar Rifle Shooter details the facts Brigode’s mentors gave him over the years. The modern-day white-collar cost is much too high than needed for great outcomes for a new shooter. With this in mind, Brigode hopes to help new shooters manage a blue-collar cost now and in upcoming years. 

About the Author

Robert Francis Brigode turned seventy-four-years-old in May. He retired in 2018 after working with the same company for fifty-two years, first as an apprentice, then tool maker, then followed by quality control, which helped his precision shooting hobby for quality in all aspects that are precisely outlined in his book.

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Published: 2022
Page Count: 200