5 Years Out

By Meredith F. Perkins, Ph.D
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About the Book

5 Years Out is a schematic vision of Merredith Perkins’ past as it is connected fervently to her future. Abridging a lifetime within this milestone, she’s dealt with pain that’d been the catalyst for her writing, writing as her way to power forward. As she thought of it, when her birth and death dates are pieced together in an etching as in the coming together of the puzzle pieces of her legacy, she’d hope that the dash in between those dates would be representative of her well-lived life. This book captures the essence of her journey of healing, her memorialized milestone moment that she encourages readers to ponder pertinent to their own journeys.

We all recognize milestones. We know those moments in our lives when some transition or rite of passage occurred and those events transitioned us from one station in life to another. Unforgettable moments, moments that stuck with Merredith invariably in her memories are vivid. She drew upon those unforgettable moments to tell some of the most heart-warming, extraordinary stories, which you, the reader, will be able to relate. This book is about love and transitioning and thriving. As you read, you’ll see yourself among the pages.

About the Author

Merredith F. Perkins, Ph.D., lives in Lanham, Maryland. She admires her silver-white hair, her big beautiful smile, and loves her big booming laugh. It took her a while to get here, but here she is. She’s learning the names of tools that she uses around the house, such as a flibbertigibbet and a whatchamacallit, to piddle around the house in creative endeavors. She enjoys fixing and putting things together and figuring out how things work, including her brain. Her daughter’s spirit surrounds her. She’d be proud that her mom is putting herself to good use and making a good life for herself, doing things and going places.

Merredith is the proud grandmother of a six-year-old whom she visits in the Sunshine State and who is just as precocious as her mother was at the same age. Grateful for their grandmother/granddaughter relationship, Merredith humbly cherishes every moment they have together. She fondly calls her grandmother “Doc,” and they hold hands and play games and rub noses and she tells her that her heart beats for her.

Published: 2020
Page Count: 420