3 Sisters And The Serpent

By Lisa Jenkins
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Three sisters, Jamila, Jasmine, and Jayla, believe themselves to be ugly because of their scars and the freckles on their faces. When, one day, Jamila suggests they visit the paradise garden to search for magical red roses that could erase their scars and freckles so they can have the confidence to go outside and make friends, her sisters eagerly agree.

Along the way, the sisters encounter an evil serpent lurking in the paradise garden, as well as some unlikely friends!

With a powerful message of strength and courage, 3 Sisters and the Serpent teaches girls of any age to be brave, bold, and beautiful for a lifetime—no matter what scars they may have.

About the Author

Lisa Jenkins has been a well-established florist for over 25 years. She studied floral design basics and advanced studies. As a florist, she discovered the healing benefits of flowers for her skin problems.

A former girl scout leader, Jenkins enjoys inspiring girls to be their best selves. She’s the author of Grandma’s Garden Secrets, a member of the Order of the Eastern Stars and Ladies of Profession Club, a church choir member, and youth Sunday School teacher.

Jenkins hails from the small town of Eastman, Georgia. When she is not writing, she spends much of her time reading, gardening, and soap-making. You can visit or chat with Lisa via Facebook, Lisa Jenkins.

Published: 2023
Page Count: 30