1804: Unheard Of The First Black Social Revolution

By Dr. Martin A. Chrisphonte
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There is nothing new under the sun! Our society continues to make a replica of mistreatments of the black race, as it existed in the European slave society. Much closer to us, the reader understands the struggles in the Pearl of the Antilles, Haiti, that led to freedom.

1804: Unheard of the First Black Social Revolution sketches in chapters the misfortunes of the Haitian Autochthonous, the establishments of cruel system of European hegemonies in Saint Domingue, the prowess of the Haitian indigenous army that led to the defeat of Napoleon Bonaparte on the land and the establishment of the first black Nation in the western hemisphere.

About the Author

Dr. Martin Chrisphonte began his career as a medical doctor. He has spent 38 years of his professional life consecrated to his medical practices in company of his spouse, Doctor Jeanine MC Cantave, also a medical doctor. He met his wife in medical school of Haiti. Dr. Chrisphonte is a retired psychiatrist. Despite his retirement status, he continues to care for a great number of patients in his private practice in Farmingdale, New York. Both Dr. Chrisphonte and Dr. Cantave specialized in adult and geriatric psychiatry at Hillside Hospital in Queens, New York. Currently, they continue to work as a husband-and-wife team in the same office. The couple has three children; their first child, their daughter Pascale Chrisphonte Omoregie, is also a psychiatrist, practicing in Farmingdale, in the specialty of child and adolescent psychiatry.

Dr. Chrisphonte emigrated in the US in 1982 and is a US citizen. He had his first professional opportunity in Harlem Hospital Center, New York. After leaving Harlem he further fulfilled his medical career in civil services up to 16 years before he established his private practice with his wife. Dr. Chrisphonte cultivated an extraordinary compassion when he engaged in the history of Haiti in his schools. Very early on, he carried the idea to “handwrite” the scourges that affected the Natives of Quysqueya and the terrible suffering of the Negroes of Saint Domingue (now Haïti) to echo throughout the world. 

Published: 2020
Page Count: 76