1775: Overlooked Heroines: Women Soldiers, Spies, And Humanitarians In The American Revolutionary War

By Juanita Stellato Maldonado
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1775: Overlooked Heroines focuses entirely on ordinary women who broke away from their social constraints to become soldiers, spies, and heroines in the American Revolutionary War. These women physically fought for America to be free from colonial imperialism, but yet society fails to recant their names.

The historical narrative of women's involvement in the Revolutionary War must be corrected. This book will tell the heroic stories of women not commonly studied and remove the myth that women only maintained their domestic duties, organized fundraising, and protested the non-importation of British goods.

1775: Overlooked Heroines fills in the gaps of history and places these women back into the historical narrative, whose names are less celebrated and are overshadowed or misattributed simply because they are women.

About the Author

Juanita Stellato Maldonado personally believes in community involvement. She involves her community in her life by having barbecues in her driveway every weekend during summertime. Her hobbies include collecting 17th- to 18th-century American Revolutionary War books and family genealogy; she can go back seven generations on her mother's side. Besides, the more family you have, the more chances you will be invited for dinner. Juanita was a single mother for fifteen years. She must have done something right, because one daughter is a deputy and the other is in the Air Force. Ten years ago, Juanita married a wonderful man who puts up with her sarcastic humor.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 208