101 Boobilicious Moments

By Michelle F. Creeden
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Breastfeeding can be very challenging for new—and experienced—mothers. Just ask author Michelle F. Creeden. When she breastfed her children, she felt very alone and noticed no one really talked about it. And when people did talk, it was rainbows and butterflies. Not for her! It hurt! She needed support.

Michelle used humor to get her through some tough times—to get her through the next day, week, month, and year. She wants to help other mothers and families. With her book, 101 Boobilicious Moments, she hopes she can give strength to other breastfeeding moms, reminding them of the amazing health benefits for both baby and mom and the absolutely beautiful nurturing aspect.

About the Author

Michelle F. Creeden is a full-time working mom. She loves to sing and dance with her family—the louder and crazier, the better. She enjoys finding shapes in the clouds. Chocolate is her favorite food group. And in her free time, she clips coupons.

Published: 2018
Page Count: 126