1,000 Sharp Thorns On A Rose With No Petals

By Raul De La Rosa, Sr.
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About the Book

1,000 Sharp Thorns on a Rose with No Petals is a glimpse of moments in time when Raul De La Rosa, Sr. felt strong emotions of love and loss. Each poem is translated in Spanish, highlighting his Hispanic (Dominican) background. He tries to draw the reader to feel the pain he felt when he experienced loss and love. Raul hopes the reader will be able to feel his emotions through his words and inspire them to write as well poems of love.

About the Author

Raul De La Rosa, Sr., MBA, is a seasoned executive who has studied and has worked for over 20 years with the Latino market. He is a member of Phi Iota Alpha Latino Fraternity and recipient of the 2017 Dominican Citizen of the year from Philadelphia. With both his parents born and raised in the Dominican Republic, Raul has an intimate understanding of the culture of this island and his Hispanic culture. A graduate of Marist College and Metropolitan College of NYC, he also served as Adjunct Professor at Taylor Business Institute. Raul wrote his first published novel, Vengeance Overdue, in early 2020 and has also written over 100 poems and has written articles for a variety of publications. Raul lives in New Jersey just minutes from Philadelphia. He loves collecting watches and watching baseball.

Published: 2021
Page Count: 60