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Positive Words, Positive Vibes
By: Shannon Schroth


About the Book


For all those people in the world who need positivity, Positive Words, Positive Vibes is a book that provides positive memes throughout for reference / inspiration. The book opens with an easy read, big-picture overview of understanding that the mind is a powerful tool feeding the body, soul, spirit, and environment, affecting perception, behaviors, thoughts, communication, interactions, and the affect one’s environment can have on the person.
It moves on to show how positivity can make life simpler and happier for people, effectively bringing out their best selves. People are uniquely remarkable in all their imperfectly wonderful sexy selves. The struggle is real! Life and the people in it are imperfectly perfect and they do not even realize it. The constant bombardment of negativity spreading in this world and challenges of COVID-19 makes it difficult to find positivity in this ever-increasing world of change. The author hopes readers learn they are not alone. When they are feeling like they are struggling, they are really headed somewhere better. Let’s hope they take away a better outlook, mindfulness, and positivity.


About the Author


Shannon Schroth author and Feel Alive Coach has a passionate drive to help others. She writes books, blogs, and positive memes which you can find on her website: A former trick rider and business leader (two careers which aren't as far apart as you'd think), She lives in California state close to her friends, family, and with her dog. 


(2022, eBook)



(No reviews yet) Write a Review