Phantom of the Beach

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Phantom of the Beach

By: David L. Maurer


About the Book


Escaping from the world closing in around him, Randy drives away from his family in Boston up the coast of Maine in search of answers. A mysterious woman appears on the beach and compels him into a surreal world of sexual exploitation that he’s only read about in detective novels. How can he, an accountant from Boston, rescue this beautiful young woman? Why does he feel such a need to do it? Is she real or is she a phantom?

Is she real or is she a phantom?


About the Author


David L. Maurer, author, was born in Central Illinois and spent his first eighteen years growing up on a farm with five brothers and sisters. For his entire life, he has been a writer and a singer.

“I strive to achieve excellence in writing and singing, as I did in my 40 year engineering career. My purpose in writing and singing is to tug at people’s emotions, whether happy, funny, sad, or frightening, and to pull them into the story. I cherish this opportunity the reader has afforded me to play with emotions and pull him or her into a situation alongside Randy. This need to stir people’s feelings will keep me going for as long as my mind and my body will allow. I hope my work in Phantom of the Beach will draw you, the reader, into Randy’s life.”


(2021, paperback, 236 pages)

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review