Persiadnea's Paradigm: The Devolution

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Persiadnea's Paradigm: The Devolution

 By: Lyra Massey


About the Book

In Persiadnea's Paradigm: The Devolution, Sabina Lavoie is a young woman who is forced to grow up fast as her world falls apart. She and her troubled friends fight the forces of evil while trying to maintain their normal lives.  

Persiadnea's Paradigm has sarcasm, wit, funny, drama, romance, villains, and antiheroes. The message is about life being hard and you cannot not always see or pinpoint who the bad guys are. People are complicated and what drives them is selfish desire. The story is not like the standard stories written or on screen. The main characters are flawed, good and bad guys. We need to be reminded that people are not always going to follow the social plan, so we should calm down and stop trying to break them.

About the Author

Lyra Massey cleans up trash found in the park or anywhere she sees litter, and she collects rocks, works on remedial science experiments, and hikes. She is part of a couple of groups who discuss and look for aliens.            

Lyra has many sisters, no kids, and she loves animals. She has taken writing classes so that her story will flow better and make sense. Her day job is polar opposite from her writing.

(2022, paperback, 364 pages)

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review