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by William Wrede


Needles is a tree with dreams. He wants to give the wind in the forest a voice, but encounters many obstacles along the way. Needles’s story is the tale of the life cycle of a tree, as seen by landscape architect dreamer, William Wrede. This beautifully illustrated journey honors the beauty and awe of nature. At a time when our forests are in danger, it is vitally important for everyone to focus on our environment. Needles presents an important act of nature in a visual, artistic, almost musical way.


About the Author

William Wrede grew up, spending time in Seattle, Washington and in a mining camp near Fairbanks, Alaska. He enjoyed bike riding, spending time as a master gardener and telling stories. The tale of Needles and his journey is part of his a legacy and love for nature.


(2021, hardcover, 32 pages)


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(No reviews yet) Write a Review