My Soul Bone Aches

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My Soul Bone Aches

By: Annie L Ford

About the Author

Annie L. Ford is a prolific writer whose love of writing has always been a part of her personal and professional life. Her writing style often presents a unique application of both fiction and non-fiction simultaneously. This is Ms. Ford's creative effort to present her writing the way in which our lives are lived.

"Unmistakably, we live through our dreams and aspirations (fiction) and through our realities and facts (non-fiction)," Ms. Ford asserts.

Additionally, Ms. Ford's writing reflects her spiritual awareness that God is her source as she relates to the requirements of living successfully in today's world. God knows her name.

Ms. Ford's writing should be read by every woman and every man who has a woman in his life. She speaks to the heart and soul of her readers with an individual appeal as though she is writing to each person personally. 

Ms. Ford, an educator and retired school superintendent, continues to help others through her company Writer Write. The company provides an avenue for unpublished writers to write and receive assistance from other new and seasoned writers. The company provides an opportunity for students of all ages to perform their writing creations to community audiences.


(2023, paperback, 68 pages)

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review