My Merry 'Beignet' Christmas

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My Merry 'Beignet' Christmas

By: Aiyanna

About the Book

Little Beignet wants to be with Santa on Christmas Eve, so his parents encourage him to write Santa a letter. Because everyone in his home state of Louisiana loves beignets, he dreams of helping Santa spread beignet cheer. In his letter, Little Beignet offers to help Santa deliver these treats to boys and girls all over the world. What will Santa say? 

Based in the rich Louisiana beignet tradition, this unique Christmas tale encourages children to turn to their parents for guidance, and it shows a positive example of parents supporting a child’s vision. Follow Little Beignet on his Christmas mission and you’ll see the joy one little beignet can bring.

About the Author

Aiyanna is the owner of a Beignet Café in Slidell, Louisiana.

(2022, Hardbound, 30 pages)

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review