Mischievous Pandas

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Mischievous Pandas

Curious Adventures

By Patricia Kotrick


About the Book:

Meet Cuddles, the most mischievous panda there was! Join Cuddles and his friend, Ricky, on their many curious adventures. Being from a close-knit family, Cuddles wanted to learn about the world on his own, see what amazing things are out there! During his explorations, Cuddles does find himself in trouble and learns some very valuable lessons. Cuddles the panda will inspire you, no matter what age you are, to never lose your sense of adventure.

About the Author:

Patricia A. Kotrick has always had a dream of becoming a published author. After losing her husband in 2014, she was encouraged to give college a try. After three years, Patricia presents her first published story, Mischievous Pandas. Her hobbies include reading, crocheting, making jewelry, cooking, painting, and photography.

(2022, hardbound, 56 pages)

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review