Miracle of the Northern Lights - eBook

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Miracle of the Northern Lights

by Philip H Duda

About the Book

Jim knows his son Mark is sick and dying, and it is clear the doctors can do nothing to help him. When Jim hears a story of a hidden valley, way up north, where people say a miracle happened long ago, he wonders if this place could bring Mark a miracle too. But what draws Jim and many others to the valley is much more than a legend. An unknown force has brought them there for a reason.

This inspiring story is about three sick children in need of a miracle, and the lengths to which loved ones will go to help them. It is a reminder that hope, faith, and prayer have power no matter who you are, from the poorest to the richest.

About the Author

Philip H Duda is a multi-tasking person, an inventor, artist, poet, and father. Duda received a World Wide Silver Poetry Award, among many other acclamations. He is also a military veteran with twenty years of service. Knowledgeable in many disciplines of science and other intellectual endeavors, Duda does his best to answer questions about what is, what can be,and what could be. He enjoys fishing, prospecting, traveling, meeting other people, and exploring flea markets and estate sales, looking for unique and unusual items.

(2021, eBook)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review