Mi Latina

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Mi Latina: The Bloody Romance

by King Tremayne


Mi Latina: The Bloody Romance is an extremely cautionary tale of a man named Steve Davis, born and raised in the U.S. murder capital: Chicago, Illinois. He decides to trade the rough life of Chicago’s Northside ghetto, for a perceived family life in Colombia, only to fall madly in love (at first sight), with one Sonrisa Ciela Jerez, only to find she has a dreadfully sordid past that involves one of the most notoriously vindictive drug lords who may have ever walked the face of the earth.

               Steve quickly finds himself staunchly defending this woman, immediately starting a war with drug lord Vibora, in the first and only attempt to avenge the wrongs that the love of his life, Sonrisa, suffered at the hands of this monster.


About the Author

I, King Tremayne, was born May 13th, 1978, Ronni Tremayne Curry. I’ve been writing since I was 11-12 years of age, and I’m a student of Philosophy and Political Science


(2021, paperback, 318 pages)


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(No reviews yet) Write a Review