Mending Fences

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Mending Fences

By: Polly Gwinn


About the Book


An unexpected detour.


A wild horse.


A tornado forming.

In this inspirational short story collection, Polly Gwinn recounts spiritual moments in her life and relates them to stories and lessons told within the Bible. Through her stories, we begin to see how God is an active participant in our lives each and every day. By sharing her stories, Gwinn provides humor, comfort, and a renewed sense of faith in God and His role on earth.


About the Author

Polly Gwinn, eighty-one, has settled into a simple life and enjoys visiting her friends, painting, playing bridge, golf, and reading. Her family has grown, and she is proud to have had a part in raising them and watching them build their character and personalities. Her inspiration and training in writing comes not from traditional education avenues, but through the leadership of Jesus Christ.

(2022, hardback, 56 pages)

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review