Letters I Write to You

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Letters I Write to You

By: Gigi Lina


About the Book


After their marriage ended, Gigi Lina wrote letters to her ex-husband in hopes of forgiveness and

reconciliation. As time passed and multiple tears had been shed, she tries to understand why she

cheated and takes a journey deep inside her soul to discover a new sense of self-love and a hope

for a better life. From the initial violent reactions of her ex and the loss of the flavor of life, she

rediscovered the love for her daughter and starts the process of forgiving herself.


About the Author


Gigi Lina is a book lover that uses reading as a refuge, inspiration to be better and grow, or just

past the time. She has an amazing fourteen-year-old daughter who is speech impaired. Lina

currently works three jobs to support both of them. She is learning to accept the challenge of

self-forgiveness while creating a better life for her and her daughter.


(2022, paperback, 126 pages)

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review