Kaylie’s Mountain Farm Adventures

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Kaylie’s Mountain Farm Adventures

By:Reneé Halay

About the Book

Written by a grandmother about her children and granddaughter, Kaylie’s Mountain Farm Adventures will capture your child’s imagination and place a smile on their face. Positive and uplifting, both parents and children alike will enjoy reading about Kaylie and her adventures!

About the Author

Reneé Halay was the mother of three children, Ashley, Jeffrey, and Tiffany, and grandmother to one grandchild, Kaylie, who is the main character in this book. Reneé and her husband Michael were business owners in Texas before they retired to the mountains in Colorado in 2013. She was one of Jehovah’s Witnesses who loved people and was a wonderful encourager. Being a “people person”  was her real talent, bringing joy to others. Rare was the one indeed who had spent time with her and didn’t feel better for it.

 (2022, hardback, 40 pages)

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review