It May Be True

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It May Be True: A Teenager’s Lesson When Volunteering for the Government

by Robert L. Snider


About the Book

A young, inexperienced young man from a small country town who knows very little about the innerworkings of the American government finds himself agreeing to embark on a top-secret mission. Stranded as a spy in the middle of a foreign jungle, Jim must survive unprecedented challenges outside of his depths in order to become a true American hero.


About the Author

Robert L. Snider grew up in a quant country village, with one small country store and a single gas pump. Snider attended a small country school that had both boys’ and girls’ basketball and baseball teams. Snider is very good at tearing up a golf course, and enjoys the 19th hole. Most of all, Snider enjoys his family.


(2022, hardbound, 204 pages)


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(No reviews yet) Write a Review