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IT Came to Earth

by TD Walress


About the Book

Tedrak is a Master of the Past Phase (holograph to the past), and is about to embark on his first and most dangerous mission: the fearsome and hateful Golaks have called for aid in locating the IT, the most dangerous weapon in the galaxy. After a supernova crashes the ship, the only survivors are IT and Tedrak.


As Tedrak fights for survival on a strange planet, and makes new friends in the process, he and IT must evade capture and find a way back home…and learn more about IT’s strange past. Through their adventure, Tedrak and IT discover what true friendship means. But will it be enough to get them home?



About the Author

TD Walress is the author of young adult, middle grade, and adult science fiction and thrillers. A military veteran, Walress went on to spend thirty-eight years working in education from grade school to high school as a special education teacher, coach, and in administration. He has his bachelor’s degree from UW Eau Claire and a master’s in educational administration from Oklahoma Central State. After living and working in several states, Walress and his wife Andrea now call Texas home. Together they spend time traveling and seeing family.



(2022, eBook)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review