Humacabra: The Curse of Watering Hole

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Humacabra: The Curse of Watering Hole

By: D. K. Alvey


About the Book

Watering Hole, a quiet Middle American hamlet, holds a dark secret.


When what was once a cover for a top-secret military base researching a new method of biological warfare is devastated by an earthquake and the aftereffects of their research is released into the atmosphere, the birth of a new enemy imperils lives of its residents.


Can Major Martin Phillips and Captain Gunner Capps solve the mystery behind disappearance of their fellow soldiers before it’s too late? What are the HUMACABRA?


About the Author

D. K. Alvey is active in volunteer work within her community and church. She enjoys the quiet peaceful living in a small town with her husband. Her hobbies include traveling and sharing her adventures with her family. She draws inspiration from her interesting and eclectic work history, ranging from government work to private enterprise.


(2022, paperback, 198 pages)

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review