Holidays in Trees

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Holidays in Trees: Home Sweet Home

by Cammy Marble


Did you know there is a community of animal kind that lives in the trees? Have you ever wondered how they spend their time and what they do all day? They use only what they need, take care of their environment, and help and love each other.


They would like for you to come visit them to see how they celebrate the holidays of their year. You might get some ideas that you can try! See you soon!


About the Author

Cammy Marble grew up on a farm and in the woods listening to what God and Nature had to say. She currently lives on a two-acre property in Missouri with her husband, Ken, and their young granddaughter. A graduate of the University of Central Missouri, Cammy has been a homeschooler and tutor for twenty years. She enjoys teaching, gardening, drawing, and volunteering, and she plays several musical instruments.


The Holidays in Trees series came to Cammy in a vivid, nighttime dream. The creativity and humor in her artwork and writing are a reflection of her approach to life.


(2022, paperback, 30 pages)

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review