Holeo's Quest in the Land of Hadd

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Holeo's Quest in the Land of Hadd

By: James Edward Schubert


About the Book

Holeo is on a quest of his life. He has been asked to quest for nine globes, each full of valuable knowledge. Holeo’s journey requires him to soul search and evaluate all of the globe’s different and significant meanings, challenging his morals, virtues, and ethics. An adventurous story full of wizards, dragons, and fairies, join Holeo as he discovers his strength from within.


About the Author

James Edward Schubert was born to Leo and Lorraine Schubert in 1951 under the zodiac sign Virgo. He started writing rules to a game he was creating in 1984 which turned into this book that he finished in 2021. He worked numerous jobs before retiring from a boot factory in 2018. He enjoys camping, drawing, painting, and taking dogs for walks. He loves his pets.


(2022, hardback, 648 pages)

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review