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By:  Hermes I. Alonzo

About the Book

Hermes is the story of Hermes I. Alonzo’s journey from a small town of Bagac, which was the site of the Second World War death march in Bataan. From a small-town boy, he traveled thousands of miles to join the US Navy during the height of the Vietnam War. After graduating with a degree in criminology during his time in the navy, Alonzo was hired by US Customs in Los Angeles and finally transferred to Laredo, Texas, during the height of the war on drugs and Mexican cartel. During the terrorist attacks of September 11, he was moved to the Chicago, to enhance the ability of Border and Protection to hunt for the terrorists.

Alonzo’s life story is one of love and passion for his new country, an immigrant coming to the United States and dedicating his life to keeping the country safe not only for his family but for all Americans.

 About the Author

Hermes I. Alonzo is currently retired after more than twenty years in service to the US government. He is currently a member of his Catholic parish in Quincy, IL. He and his wife Billie are both veterans and have been married for forty years. Together they have four children, two of whom are currently working in law and law enforcement.

(2022, hardback, 118 pages)

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review