Godsong: An Angel Sings

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Godsong: An Angel Sings

By: Dirk De Dauneporte

About the Book

Godsong: An Angel Sings is all-inclusive of religions, races, sexual orientations, etc., supportive of them all in their relationships with the Light. It delivers messages of Light experienced by the author; a new way of looking at scriptures given by the Light.

Kindly, yet provocative and straightforward, it is a guiding Light for a new age. It reveals a down-to-earth simpler path to peace. Godsong is concise, easier for serious students to understand the depths of, yet so much can be gained by the average person. It relates new interpretations of biblical verses on marriage, and even corrects a mistranslation that’s a game-changer. It’s a string of pearls the author gathered as he climbed; each has its own hidden story, a heart-wrenching autobiography lies behind them. But that’s not how the story ends. The author dances and sings, Godsong.

About the Author

Life has been a walk through the fire, and into the Light, for author Dirk De Dauneporte. He is an artist and a musician, whose poetry are the only words published until now. Dauneporte prefers to remain unknown. You'll discover who the person really is by reading the book.

(2022, PB, 128 pages)

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review