Ghost Rustlers

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Ghost Rustlers

By: B.K. Smith


About the Book

Ghost Rustlers explores the wild west from an adolescent point of view with mystery and intrigue. Young, strong-willed characters look for their independence as they pave the way for their own future while fighting for friendship and loyalty.

About the Author

B.K. Smith grew up in the southwest. She is a tribal role member of the Pottawattamie Indian tribe and she is inspired by her father’s and uncle’s pride in their ancestry. She has treasured her travels with her family discovering the history of the southwest – especially New Mexico.

Smith has published articles in children’s magazines with subjects such as dust devils, Christmas traditions such as luminaries and biscochitos, as well as roadrunners and Mexican jumping beans. Smith is currently a full-time RV traveler exploring the southwest with her husband of 37 years and her little Yorkie, Sprinkles. Smith haunts local bookstores, looking for local folklore writings, intrigued by early stories of road weary travelers, gold searchers, and rogue gun slingers.


(2023, paperback, 90 pages)

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review